RSuite CMS

The History

Founded in 1965, SAGE Publications, Inc. is an independent academic STM publisher that publishes and sells journals, books, and electronic media in the U.S. and internationally. Having acquired CQ Press in 2008, and with imprints that include Corwin Press and Pine Forge Press, SAGE serves the academic, educational, and professional markets. SAGE’s publications include titles for scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students in the areas of business, humanities, social sciences, science, technology, and medicine. Based in Thousand Oaks, California, SAGE has additional offices in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, London, New Delhi, and Singapore.

The Challenge

SAGE needed a solution that would push its newly-developed content through multiple workflow routines and delivery processes, including delivery to HighWire Press. SAGE sought an automated solution for managing these delivery functions – including content selection, packaging, and distribution – while retaining the means to extend and modify parameters such as specifying new delivery locations.

Maintaining security was also a priority. SAGE wanted control over the distribution and accessibility of its assets. In short, SAGE sought a solution to accurately manage, control, automate, and deliver its journal content while streamlining its processes, increasing its online presence, and maintaining the integrity and security of its content.

The Solution

Based on a series of business rules, RSuite CMS ingests SAGE’s XML and binary journal content, and then automatically pushes the content through its workflow routines and delivery processes. RSuite CMS stores SAGE’s XML journal content, related DTDs, non-XML files, and PDFs for each journal article. Additionally, SAGE configured RSuite’s workflow features to automate quality assurance functions such as file validation, DOI confirmation, and element value verification.

With RSuite CMS, SAGE has XML-based configuration files that manage all content delivery functions. SAGE’s system administrators can easily extend and modify the configuration files as needed, and the “lights-out” workflow means editorial direction is required only when an exception condition is detected. The system also serves as the repository of record for SAGE’s journal content.

The Results

In addition to housing its content in a searchable and secure repository, implementing RSuite CMS has helped SAGE become measurably more efficient. Using RSuite CMS, SAGE is now producing more than 600 journals – double the output of 2 years ago – without addition of staff to its journal publishing technologies team. Five years ago, SAGE had fewer than 100 digital assets online. By the end of 2012, SAGE is expecting to have more than 5,000 online digital assets.

With the improved searchability and metatagging provided by RSuite CMS, SAGE is now able to provide its clients with precise figures regarding the number of articles in their archive related to specific topics, along with the ability to provide controlled access to its library of content.


“RSuite CMS is 200 times faster than our old system. The efficiencies we’ve gained are hard to believe.”
–Keith Lawrenz, Senior Business Analyst, SAGE Publications, Inc.


“RSuite CMS enables our staff to focus on increasing the quality of our content while RSuite handles the XML-related actions. Additionally, the power of RSuite will complement our staff by enforcing adherence to editorial standards in an automated manner.”
–John Shaw, Director of Publishing Technologies, SAGE Publications, Inc.

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